Costume Contest

Hello fellow Citizens of Shockholm! Are we ready for Saturday? I know we are!

Here are your Costume Contest details. First, if you haven't pre-registered then please do so:

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  1. Come dressed and ready to walk the Kostume Katwalk!!
  2. You will need to line up stage-left (same side as where the parade lines up and where the 3x3m projector is). Find the line for your age category, no later than 16:15.
  3. Please have your confirmation email ready. If you didn't receive your confirmation, you can send your information to or visit the information booth at the parade.
  4. Time permitting the contest will start promptly at 16:24. The contest moves quickly so make sure you are in line with your age group no later than 16:15.
  5. After you walk the Katwalk (stage), you will proceed down the exit stairs back to where the parade lines up for voting. (There will be someone there to assist you)
  6. At that time other Citizens of Shockholm will place a ribbon on their favourite costume.
  7. You must then go to the information booth with your ribbons to be registered before the parade leaves.
  8. When the parade returns, the winners will be announced on stage at 18:00!

The costume with the most ribbons in each category wins!! Let's make this the best Katwalk yet!


Here are the Best Costume Prize Categories!
Best Costume age groups... 0-4, 5-9, 10-19, 20-34, 35+... and Best In Show

This year's prices are still be created and they are HUGE!

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Calling all Woofs and Fluffs lovers! SHOCKHOLM is ready to give you a really fun, haunted and crazy experience with Haunted Doggie Costume Competition!

2018 Prize Roundup!

More coming soon... For those of you that have partisipated before... you know they are KILLER!

*Prizes are provided by our partners for contest winners and volunteers

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