Calling all Woofs and Fluffs lovers!
SHOCKHOLM is ready to give you a really fun, haunted and crazy experience with Haunted Doggie Costume Competition!
This event is all about the embracing creativity and having an amazing time by involving doggies and their owners in a costume contest. Spooky, crazy, adorable and anything hilarious that will make the audience scream out of the fear or gush out of the cuteness! You can get as creative as you wish, the only limit is your imagination!
Once you dress up your doggy you can post the photo directly on this event page and after we approve it, you can share it and go hunting for likes!
Deadline for posting photos of your pooch to event page is the 1st of October!
On this date, the 32 most liked photos will move to the next stage!
6 lucky finalists doggies are going on the SHOCKHOLM stage on 3rd OF NOVEMBER in Kungstragården and only 3 will win grand prizes! (We will be announcing them soon!)
October 1st - Deadline for posting and sharing your photos, 32 dogs move to next stage. (We will need a photo of you with your dog for verification. Sent in private message works best.)
QUARTER FINALS - October 15th – The 32 Photos will be reposted. 18 of the most liked dogs move to the next stage.
SEMI-FINALS - November 2nd – Final social media round, 6 most liked dogs for the finals on stage in Kungsträdgården!
FINALS - November 3rd - We choose 3 prize winners on the stage!
Much haunted, such spooky, so wow experience!
We strongly stand against animal abuse.This event is aimed to be positive and fun, without causing any harm or discomfort to the fluffy companion. Please note, that the entry will be disqualified if we feel the dog was mistreated.
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Important Dates

Oct 1

Oct 15

Nov 3

Hounted Doggie Quarter Finalists Announced

Hounted Doggie Semi Finalists Announced

Best Costumes, Hounted Doggie, Shockholm Bites Awards announced at Shockholm