Scandinavias largest halloween parade and events


SHOCKHOLM is the year’s most fun, social, creative and in some cases Scandinavia’s scariest event. It consists of various events (the Shockholm Bites! themed food initiative, the Shockholm : Exhibition and Shockholm : Park) leading up to Scandinavia’s Largest Halloween Parade, The Shockholm Halloween Parade. Which happens on Saturday, November 1 See you there? More on all below! Be sure to like Shockholm to stay up to date on all the fun!

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Shockholm is a Swedish registered ‘ideel foreningen’ non profit made possible with countless support from incredible partners, sponsors, institutions, organziations, schools and of course individuals!

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Shock Holm paired 2014

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The parade starts at the King's Garden. (15:00 to 17:00)

Then we walk together along the street towards the Royal Castle, make a right and begin our journey encircling a colorfully haunted Old City (Gamla Stan), then down the wharf, over the bridge and back to the King's Garden: Find out more here ->


Herr Storpumpa

Simply put, Herr Storpumpa is the world's largest Halloween Pumpkin. Ever. Invited by his good friend Stora Oga, Herr Storpumpa finally got his monster visa approved and we couldn't be any happier to welcome to Shockholm!

Shockholm--'for us, by us'--in cooperation with our lead team & partners--welcomes you take part in the great fun with a special kick off after sundown on Oct 23! Check out Storpumpa on facebook Facebook Page

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Shockholm bites

Yes, take another bite out of Shockholm!

Last year’s Shockholm Bites! — the only limited edition, themed food initiative & exhibition of its sort — was a critical success, with seven talented chefs & eateries joining in on the great fun. From Le Rouge to 19 Glas, to Bro Olssons and Bishop Arms, Aifur, Arbeg Embassy and Östgötakällaren, showing this city, country and world just how creative and tasty Shockholm can be, and is! And 2014 is already heating up with new entrants Miss Voon, Hard Rock Cafe, Melt, Engelen and more announced soon!

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Shockholm exhibition

Every year Shockholm makes it Call To Creatives with hopes the brightest, best and all of the rest join in the fun in as creative a way possible. This is evident in the Shockholm : Exhibition we present for the third year now in proud cooperation with Hallwylska Museum. Come experience over 50 pieces from 12 exciting creatives with this years theme of AGHKY, the monster which will steal your soul, unless you find your hero to de-feed it!
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Shockholm park

Shockholm is thrilled to announce our first ever Shockholm Park! Do join us for the fun for three (!) days in Kungsträdgården Oct 30, 31 and Nov 1 right up until the Shockholm Halloween Parade time (Lor, Nov 1, 17:00)! Details on the workshops and events we will have there to follow. If you have any interest in co-creating with us to help bring more Halloween fun to Scandinavia, just let us know!

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