shockholm bites

Bites is a key component of Shockholm – Art you can eat! We challenged Stockholm’s best chefs to produce ‘extreme creative’ themed holiday food (and/or drinks) between October 19th and November 5th leading up to the main event. And this year's competition is hot! Limited edition devilishly delicious dishes created to help celebrate in Shockholm... In years past we have featured food which smokes, another which licks blood--7 exquisite tastes and fearfully fanciful presentations, from chicken claws to fingers, pumpkin sauce, cheeks & monster claws....! Available only between Oct 23 and Nov 3, you'll want to take your bite out of Shockholm before they're gone!

We will be announcing taste dates on the 19th! In the mean time, be sure to like the facebook page...

trip to transylvania4

One more thing! If you download and register yourself in the  Bokabord App (Android or Apple) in October. You are now eligible to enter the Dracula's Castle Contest! Click here to enter...

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