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The SHOCKHOLM Dreams page is a work in progress. Every year we are contacted by many schools, kulturcenters, youth groups, schools, dagis’ and many other organizations to include their dreams as part of SHOCKHOLM. We always find a way, since SHOCKHOLM is ‘for us, by us’.

We now launch the beta version here, if you would like to help or join to make any of these dreams real, please do let us know at and we will do our best to try to make it happen!

Please stay on us if you do not get an immediate reply, we are run by volunteers and time is tight for us… unless you want to be the Dream Master, that is…..

Band From Hell

The dream is to have anyone who wants to be part of the BFH improv music ‘plot’ show up at Kungsträdgården 30 minutes before open (15:00) so we can work out some simple beats and melodies take it from there! ANY INSTRUMENTS are welcome! LEADER: Various, Marcel Grant. COST: NONE, just members!

Grafitti Monsters

The dream is to enlist Stockholms top Graffiti artists to create graffiti monsters (ON CARDBOARD ONLY) to be placed on sticks along the parade route! This is part of the SHOCKHOLM Parade ‘Shock O Way’ experience. LEADER: David Hellstrom. COST: NONE, just let us know if you are an artist!

Bats In Belfry

The dream is to have one actor and one project leader to help us clear and place Bat - Man or Woman in this window lit from somewhere near.  It is the German Church.  We need approval.  Will you help?  COST: NONE

Freaky Flash Mob

The dream is to find a dance studio or instructor that would like to teach a routine to anyone who wants to be part of a Flash Mob (We already have 20 volunteers) LOCATION: Central Stockholm ANYONE is welcome! LEADER: Wanted COST: NONE

Parade of Lights

The dream is to hand out lights for participants to carry along the parade route! This is part of the SHOCKHOLM Parade ‘Shock O Way’ experience. LEADER: Tiffany Donner

COST: 25,000

The Haunted Hideway

The dream is to have actors in a haunted hallway on the day of the parade. One project leader to help us with setup and decorations. Two volunteers to help with entry and exit. Will you help?

COST: 10,000kr