Virtual Costume Contest


Join us in our Shockholm 2020 Halloween Party! We have as always a lot of laughter, positivity, and joy in store for you. Ah of course, the costume contest too..if only, this year's a bit different.

As per usual, great prizes are awaiting for you. Maybe you could be the winner of 2020 with your craziest Halloween costume. Who knows! Click on the link below to read through the guidelines to enter the quest. Come on then, jump in!


Here are the Best Costume Prize Categories!
Best Costume age groups: 0-4, 5-9, 10-19, 20-34, 35+... and Best In Show

This year's rewards will be huge, but the memories you get will be invaluable...

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Calling all Woofs and Fluffs lovers! SHOCKHOLM is ready to give you a really fun, haunted and crazy experience with Haunted Doggie Costume Competition!

2020 Prize Roundup!

More coming soon... For those of you that have participated before... you know they are KILLER!

*Prizes are provided by our partners for contest winners and volunteers

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