Shockholm Song

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Shockholm Lyrics

mwa ha ha ha ha ha

now way up north

there is a town

where once a year

from underground

half alive

the living dead

our spirits rise

we must be fed!

prepare the feast!

and treat us right

‘cause when a monsters in town

we’re gonna light up the night!


it’s a dynamite ride

zombies and creatures goin’ bump in the night


come one and come all

everybody’s welcome at our Halloween ball!

old king tut, the mummy too

franky stein, mr magoo

a burning bush, a jacque chirac

gog and mcgog, the men in black

a purple spider, a king and queen,

hypnotic eye, you know, it is the scene to be seen (in)


a fantabulous night

angels and demons with our torches alight


yeah you’re joining us there

with all the guys and the ghoulies yeah you better beware!

oh oh oh yeah!

uh huh yeah!

pirates and wherewolves and viking kings oh yeah

vampires and angels, tarantulas too

yeah you better look out cause we’re creepin’ up on you!

Tilt your head

To the side

Stick out your arms

And spread em wide

Lift up your feet

And stomp em down

Now make a moans or a groan

Yeah now we’re ready to go!

Yeah yeah yeah!


what a hexcellent town

warlocks and witches and trolls all around


such a beautiful night

gotta believe in things like love at first fright!


I’ll see all of you all there

don’t you hesitate now, come along if you dare


are you listenin’ bud?

I’d tell you some more but I’ve already said too much

the secret society frowns upon it as such

got to move on but I’ll be seeing you here (in)


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