Halloween is something that is celebrated around the world! But different places celebrate it VERY differently. So let’s go around the world and look how it’s celebrated in different places.

Latin America/ Mexico :  Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is celebrate on October 31st  till November 2nd. It is a holiday where one  commemorates and remembers those who have passed away. During this time, family members build altars for their deceased loved ones. However, there are symbols that are placed  on these altars. One of the symbols are candles, these candles are meant to lead the dead to their altars.


Another symbol is marigolds( also called cempasúchitl) they are meant to symbolize death.  Also their strong smell, leads the dead to their altars.   Other features of these altars are photos of the dead, food the deceased  enjoyed and tequila or coffee. Another symbol is skulls, skulls is something that is featured in Latin America. Sugar skulls are given during this time and children trade them. People also paint their faces or wear masks that feature a skeleton. Death is not seen as an ending in Latin America and it also helps the people get in touch with their more darker side.

Korea: Korea does not really celebrate the traditional “Halloween” However they do have a festival called Chuseok. It is known as a harvest festival . During Chuseok, Koreans visit the places where their ancestors used to live. During this time of year (aka Chuseok) masses of people travel from large cities to their hometowns to pay respect to the spirits of their ancestors. Many also feast on traditional Korean food.

North America: In the 1950s, Halloween became a family friendlyholiday. Halloween is very popular in North America to say the least.It’s actually one of the biggest  grossing holidays( Number 1 being Christmas).

imagesDuring this time, many children have their costumes plan out in advanced. There are celebrations at school and many children go trick or treating at night.  Most households in the United States and Canada also decorate their houses with elaborate decorations. Like Europe, adults do dress up themselves, to either go out with their children or to attend costume parties and costume contests( or may do both).

Ireland: Halloween is considered to have originated in Ireland. There are many similarities between how Halloween is celebrated in Ireland and North America.  However, there are many unique traditions. Children play a trick known as "knock-a-dolly" which involves children knocking doors of their neighbours and they run before they  answer them.

ft5s-samhainAnother tradition is playing a card game , kids will choose a card and receive whatever prize on it. The Irish traditionally eat a fruitcake called barnbrack on this day. Barnbrack usually has a treat that tells the future inside it.

Austria: It has a  Pumpkin Festival in Retzer Land called Kürbisfest im Retzer Land. It is celebrated on November 11. Austria celebrates  with costumes and a lantern procession. Also like Mexico, some people in believe that if they leave bread, water, and a lighted lamp out, dead souls will be welcomed back to earth for that night.