Move Mountains

This year is the 8th annual SHOCKHOLM and it's is more than just Scandinavia's Largest Halloween Parade. It's a community of individuals that come together to laugh, learn and create. We enjoy having fun and lifting spirits, all while putting together the best parade Stockholm has ever seen.

SHOCKHOLM is a non-profit and our yearly event is always free to attend! SHOCKHOLM promotes creativity, inclusion, and positivity in the community.

“For us, by us” is our motto, as we make the world (well, Stockholm) a little bit better. We’re growing every year, so join us and see what we can conjure up together.



Founded in 2011

Shockholm was started by Bill Schacht, a New Yorker who longed to see the festivities he missed from home after moving to Sweden. “In a city which was already fun and crazy, that night stood out as the best. A million people of all walks of life come together to celebrate: bankers dressed like hippies, hippies dressed like bankers. I noticed this was missing once I moved to Stockholm, and I envisioned the joy a Halloween parade could bring to this beautiful city; but with a mix of good Scandinavian values.”

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